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Working in Film Since 1997

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About Roo

I have been working in Film and TV for 25 years. Over the years I have had the great pleasure to work with many wonderful actors and industry colleagues and I am always grateful to do a job I love and am confident at.

I am a published fine artist so bringing a script to life using my creative skills is always a joy, equally I am a self confessed control freak and geek so the organisational and leader skills required to run my department and work with other department heads is also something I really enjoy.

I was mentored by the legendary Make-up Artist Walter Schneidermann (Elephant Man, Yentl, Fiddler on the Roof, Million Years BC, Chaplin, to name a few) and he taught me some life lasting lessons, one being attention to detail which I believe if applied to everything you do then the quality of work can only be perfection.

My reputation is everything and every cast that experiences my make-up team always say we set a bar that is hard for others to reach. 

In my life I have conquered many challenges and even built a business from zero to six figures, I work relentlessly and never lose my sense of humour and attention to detail! I am also lucky to have the most talented and loyal team that make me proud on every job we do.



Here is a varied selection of work.

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I have studied Covid-19 in-depth and written protocols to be able to successfully shoot back to back during the pandemic and ongoing.

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